Formidable- Stealth- Unmatched #PickRick4VP


Following the Twitter Feed of Senator Rick Santorum it clearly illustrates there is broad support among grassroots activists for a Vice President Santorum.  We cannot expect any media stories covering the brillance of such an allegiance. We all know the MSM is not a fan of grassroot winners. In all honesty it was the grassroots movment that pushed Mr. Trump to the top.  The people of this Nation are in full throttle mode to turn Washington upside down.  Americans have played by the rules without change and they are finished playing nice.

In 2012 Senator Santorum ran a Blue Collar Working America Campaign and won 11 states.  He did not have big money donors propelling his cause. He ran a shoestring budget operation that maximized grassroots power.  He was the people’s choice.

Mr. Donald Trump has the opportunity to continue to light fire among grassroots activists by adding Santorum to his ticket.  The message they both deliver is in unison. There are the naysayers that  falsely label Santorum as only a “Conservative” but in all honesty he has said himself the media focused only on that aspect of his personal character because he was unashamed to answer and take a stand unlike so many of the Washington players. The majority of Americans value all human life and know strong families make a strong America.  Rick Santorum has the courage of his convictions to not just talk about it but do something about it.  The Washington Post called Santorum “TeaParty” before the Tea Party existed.

Peeling back the layers of his 2012 run you will find a deeply embedded a message that was directed at working America.  The men and women of this country  have seen their way of life destroyed by the politics and lobbyist working to cement their status and elite way of life.  Senator Santorum frequently shares he is the champion for the underdog. Middle America is today’s underdog.

Click on these video links below and get a taste of the formidable, stealth, unmatched Team we could have with a Trump/Santorum ticket.  #PICKRICK4VP

Rick Santorum for Vice President

#PickRick4VP for Border Stealth

Common Ground

Made In America







2 thoughts on “Formidable- Stealth- Unmatched #PickRick4VP

  1. I’ve always said that we need virtuous leadership in this country which we haven’t had in a long long time. Rick Santorum epitomizes integrity, virtue and great character. That is why I am very disappointed that Donald Trump did not pick Rick Santorum as our vice presidential candidate. It was Donald Trump who had read Rick Santorum’s book “Blue Collar Conservatives and seemed to be in agreement with what Senator Santorum wrote about in his book, especially on Free Trade and Immigration. That is why it boggles my mind that he didn’t choose him to be his running mate. This is a sad day.

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